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Qualifications: Nationwide
Occupation: The UK's leading forensic analysis and expert witness service
Forensic Resources Limited CBTC Senghenydd Road Cardiff CF24 4AY

Welcome to Forensic Resources - the UK's leading forensic analysis and expert witness service.
A market leader within the forensic analysis and expert witness industry, Forensic Resources Ltd (FRL) is a forensic science consultancy firm that offers expert witness services primarily to legal teams and insurance firms throughout the UK; as well as private clients.
The team has extensive experience in the expert witness industry and has worked with an array of scientists and solicitors over the years. A tried and tested method of management has proved to be an essential and highly sought after service to clients. The FRL case managers allow the client to continue on with their work while the forensic aspect of the case is entirely managed behind the scenes with regular updates. Legal Aid instructions welcome.
Operating across the UK and worldwide, Forensic Resources can provide forensic analysis and expert witness services for a wide range of enquiries, such as:
Audio Analysis and Enhancement
Arson & Fire Assessments
Blood Alcohol Specimen Testing (and urine)
Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculations (BAC or ATD)
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
Body Fluids
Cell Site Analysis
Computer Data Retrieval and Computer Analysis
Covert Surveillance
Dangerous Dog Assessments
Death in Custody Assessments
Digital Analysis (CCTV etc)
DNA Testing & Review
Document Analysis
Drugs and Alcohol Testing (Toxicology)
Drugs Valuations
Entomology (Insects)
Environmental Toxicology
Facial Mapping
Firearms & Ballistics
Glass & Ceramics
Gun Shot Residue (GSR)
Injury Analysis
Metallurgy Assessments
Mechanical Engineering (Failure) Assessments
Microbiology and Infection Analysis (Bacteria)
Mobile Phone Analysis
Post Mortem Examinations
Palynology (Pollen Analysis)
Paternity Testing Service
Polymer, Plastics and Composites (Failure) Analysis
Private Investigation
Psychiatry Assessments
Psychology Assessments
Respiratory Assessments
Road Traffic Collision Investigations & Reconstructions
Sexual Assault Reviews
Taser Assessments & Injuries
Toxicology Services (Drugs and Alcohol Testing)
Vet Assessments (Forensic)

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