Justice portal is a secure video link service that allows you to have video meetings over a secure connection. We traditionally connect to Courts, Prisons, Tribunal Centres, and Police stations with secure video link facilities.

Our newest service was built with the probation service in mind. It facilitates secure connections between probation services staff and their external clients. Our unique tools include the ability to record, transcribe and securely archive meetings locally on the user’s device and securely in the cloud using industry-approved encrypted email and storage services.

We are actively recruiting suitably qualified language and transcription experts to help manage our workload. To apply please contact bridge@justiceportal.org


Justice Portal Explainer Video

Our bespoke service allows the user to connect to prisons, courts, tribunal centres and immigration centres using their video-enabled device from the comfort of their home or office.

Our probation Services product allows the recording and transcription of meetings, coupled with local (on your PC) or encrypted cloud-based storage for retrieval and review.

If you are a probation officer or manager, contact the team using our contact form or email bridge@justiceportal.org and we will contact you to discuss your requirement.

Each link is connected using a unique 9 – 16 digit meeting ID which is created on the day or the day before the connection. The meeting ID will only last for a specified duration. Where the court deploys it, we use AES encryption to further secure the link. By using bridges with both IP & ISDN protocols on our end to end network we further ensure call confidentiality. We are transport and storage facility is provided by our certified third-party partners Egress. Who deploys 128bit encryption to send receive and store files. Only the user creates and has access to their secure files. We do not have any access to files.

To use the service contact one of the team who will run a quick test call. After a successful test call, you will be set up to connect to use the service to connect to facilities with video link services from any location with broadband. Probation services personnel will be set up on the portal. Where they can create meetings and invite participants to join. Participants can join video calls using their mobile phone, tablet or computer.

We have been connecting witnesses to courts for more than 10 years. In the early years 80 percent of our links were conducted from purpose-built video conferencing suites. In the last three years 80 percent of our court video links have been connected using our secure platform. To ensure both ends of the link work we carry out test calls with both parties using IP and ISDN technology to connect. We have the best record for successful connections and receive daily referrals and recommendations from courts, solicitors and expert witnesses.

We provide video link services to expert witnesses, Financial Institutions, Banks, Government organisations, law enforcement agencies and many size of businesses. As a video conferencing services provider we pride ourselves on understanding the technology and working hard to ensure the technology does not interrupt the content of the meeting.

As a private company, our services are not free, however, our fees are in line with LAA’s guidance on claiming back fees. Our video link facility is an alternative solution to travelling. It means that as an expert you are no longer restricted by limitations of time and travel. Your availability to take on cases being heard in courts across the country is no longer limited. Solicitors can now choose experts based on their expertise and no longer on their limited availability to travel to court. It simply means a typical 2 hour hearing does not take up a whole day waiting and travelling. Probation officers can see clients, record and transcribe the meetings and save time and money by not travelling. Our fees are in line with travel expenses and we are confident that by using our service the service will save money.